Well, I have made LOTS more sites now, but I’m gonna tell you 2 of them.

I have moved to Weebly now! I still use WordPress sometimes, but you know… I like to move around.

Well, I’ll post another post when it’s my birthday, because it’s coming up soon. It’s September 13th, so don’t miss it!

I’ll be throwing a party on the party page. A comment party… yeah… It’s pretty boring, but I can’t do much of a better party on the internet.

Anywayz, my sites now are…



guineapigsrodentsandallthatjazz.weebly.com (this one isn’t published yet. I’m working on it.)

Thanks! Please go to them!

😉 😀

-ZsaZsa (Guinealove4)

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Guys! My new blog is ready for action!

Hey guys, I said I was going to make another blog, and it is now ready. I havn’t put that much pages on it yet, but keep checking everyday for new things!

Have fun on my new blog!


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OK, Guys! Listen up!

OK, hi again veiwers! I told you I would post once in a while! Well, listen up; I am going to make a blog called… Well, I don’t know what yet, but I’ll let you guys know when it’s ready. Do you check your Email a lot? Well, you will now! Subsribe to this blog if you want to know when my next blog is going to be ready.

OK, that’s all!

Love your guineas!!!!!!

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Yay! Finally! Thank You SO Much!!! 100 hits!!!

Thank you everyone who has been to this blog for helping me get 100 hits. I am so glad that I have got this much!!! I hope you have enjoyed my blog through the year… Yep, thats right. I have finished this blog. I might post some posts and pages every now and then, but I have put everything you need to know about guinea pigs now! But do check back for new things, but other than that, I have finished this blog. Hey, if you like this blog, why not check out my others? Here are their addresses…:

allaboutrandomstuff.wordpress.com : The most random blog in the world!

allaboutpopulargames.wordpress.com : The ultimate gaming blog

allaboutharrypotterthebooks.wordpress.com : Harry Potter Books

I recommend those, but I do have more. They aren’t done yet, so I havn’t put them up here. This is like the hall of fame… for blogs.

OK, and these are blogs that aren’t mine:




OK, thats all. Have fun, bloggers!… And non-bloggers!

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I hope you had an AWSOME New Year, all of you!

I really hope you got all the things you wanted for christmas, and I hope you had a great New Year! I know I did! I know Bert and Ernie did, too. I think Ernie made a New Year’s resolution to not be so greedy!


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Hello, Need Some Help?

Here, at allaboutguineapigs.wordpress.com, we like to help our visitors if they don’t know about this site. Ok, now time to stop sounding like a buisness person and get on with helping you. if you need help, read on! If you don’t, well, start reading around my site! have fun! 🙂

There is a lot of things to discover at allaboutguineapigs.wordpress.com. You will see, at the top of the screen, there are different little blobs. they have words on them! i’m panicing! my hair is falling of! what shall I do? Well don’t panic. Don’t worry. Keep your hair on. they’re only little blobs and they aren’t going to eat you up. You just click on them to view different pages of my site. And by the way…



Nahhh, only joking. Also, there is another something you should know. There is a bar at the top of the screen next to the title. what? What does it do? well, you can type in that bar what your looking for. I need some help. Hmmm… where would I find out? well, you can type into the search bar, “help” and it would probably come up with this. You don’t just have to look for the word help. You can look for anything! why don’t you try?

well, if you need any more tips about my site, you should probably look around the rest of my site. you can be the first of your friends to like this post, or you can make a blog or acount yourself so you can comment on my site! enjoy! 🙂 

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